Recent and upcoming projects include a work written on the occassion of the 100th anniversary of the creation of Czechoslovakia, titled 1-9-1-8, commissioned by Czechoslovak Chamber Duo, a string quartet for Neo Electric Quartet, a composition for Duo Accosphere, a work for viola, piano, chamber choir and electronics, commissioned by EduArt Foundation, a concerto for viola and strings, commissioned by Sasha Mirković and Ensemble Metamorphosis, and a double bass sonata for Sperger Duo. 

Some of Peter Machajdík's chamber music was included in the Opening Ceremony on the occasion of the Slovak presidency of the Council of the European Union on the Danube river in Bratislava on June 30, 2016.

Machajdík has recently finished the soundtrack for 'Wild Slovakia', a new nature documentary directed by Tomáš Hulík and Jan Haft. The film was created for RTVS, ARTE, WDR and BR. He has also created a sound-based artwork for the Belianska Cave in the High Tatra mountains.

Azyl Records has released The Immanent Velvet, a CD including the world premiere recordings of Peter's new chamber music. Musicians appearing on the album are among others pianists Fero Király, Dušan Šujan, Daniel Garel, Valentina Casesa, Eva Pekárová and Robert Mulch, harpist Floraleda Sacchi, clarinet virtuoso Guido Arbonelli and cellist Piero Salvatori, the gifted young guitarist Ondrej Veselý, and the Ján Pöschl Youth Orchestra with Anita Mirossayová conducting. The new album also includes voices of the London-based sound artist Dawn Scarfe, French visual artist Caroline Bouissou, Finish poet Katariina Vuorinen, and Korean pianist Eunjoo Noh.

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